What is Health Tourism?

The fact that people who have health problems for any reason do not have the necessary equipment in their country or the procedure to be made is cheaper in another country, so that they enter another country for treatment and it’s called health tourism.
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In Turkey, there are 48 health institutions, serving international standards accredited by JCI. As well as university hospitals and private hospitals in Turkey has started various activities to strengthen the medical tourism infrastructure in public hospitals. In this framework, construction of City Hospitals has started.

Health Tourism in Turkey in areas where position in the emerging markets of the world are planned to be created units by the Department of Health Tourism.


Medical Tourism,

Thermal Tourism, SPA-Wellness

Advanced Age and Disabled Tourism

Advanced Age and Disabled Tourism 

  • Advanced age tourism (sightseeing tours, occupational therapies)
  • Elderly care services (nursing homes or rehabilitation services) 
  • Rehabilitation services in the clinical hotel
  • Special care and sightseeing tours for the disabled
Service Location: Clinic hotels, recreation areas, resorts and nursing homes, etc.

Thermal Tourism and SPA-Wellnes

  • Spa treatments and physiotherapies
  • Talossotherapy 
  • Hydrotherapy and exercises
  • Balneotherapy and Peloidotherapy
  • Climatherapy
Service Location: Spa and Spa centers

 Medical Tourism

  • Advanced treatments (Cardiovascular Surgery, Radiotherapy, cyberknife etc.)
  • Transplantation
  • Infertility (IVF applications) 
  • Plastic surgery
  • Eye, tooth, dialysis treatments, etc.
 Service Location: Health institutions and organizations


Turkey, especially in recent years, in the branch of plastic surgery has shown a very rapid development and has provided the country with a 100% satisfaction return policy by hosting health tourists from all over the world. 
The most striking element in terms of health tourism in Turkey is experienced in private health centers. Private health centers, which provide many different conveniences with a sense of competition and marketing strategies, also provide a quality health tourism service by organizing the entire process from the arrivals, accommodation and returns of tourists.